Exhibitions 2017


10 June - 20 August 2017
In 1977, the exhibition 'Ghost who walks never can die' was held; a celebration of pop art inspired by the long running Phantom comics. In 2017 the Gallery's 40th anniversary of the Ghost who walks returns to Newcastle as THE PHANTOM SHOW.
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Abstraction: celebrating Australian women abstract artists

20 May - 23 July 2017
A National Gallery of Australia exhibition, showcasing works of art from the National Gallery of Australia and revealing the remarkable contribution Australian women artists have made to abstract art.
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MAGIC MIKE: Michael Zavros

4 March - 28 May 2017
Newcastle Art Gallery has collaborated with Michael Zavros as exhibition artist and co-curator to re-contextualize his earlier art practice alongside more recent and new works developed specifically for Magic Mike. Works of art recently acquired...
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18 February - 7 May 2017
This compelling and salient exhibition contemplates and questions Australia’s role in the asylum debate. Seton expertly transforms and manipulates his marble sculptures into emphatic motifs and metaphors of current socio-political themes and...
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