Smart Space

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An interpretive exhibition space

Smart Space is a dedicated space in the first floor gallery which has been set aside to host interpretive displays. The space is developed by the Audience Team to accentuate the exhibition on display. In addition, some ground floor exhibitions will also feature a dedicated interpretive space.

Smart Space changes with each new exhibition on display, and often the display will explore an exhibiting artist's process or their art making environment such as their studio. Visitors are able to undertake an art making activity or contribute to a collaborative art making project that accumulates over the course of the exhibition. Sometimes Smart Space features works of art from the collection that accentuate the exhibition in some way, perhaps by telling an extended story about a particular artist or theme. There are extended educational descriptions or captions on the walls and inviting furniture, encouraging visitors to linger and learn.

Image Gallery

PATRICIA WILSON-ADAMS: stain me with the intensity of black
ELISABETH CUMMINGS: interior landscapes
EVERYTHING CHANGES: Tim Maguire 2002 - 2017
MAZIE KAREN TURNER: Between dream and earth
JOHN OLSEN: The City's Son
MARION BORGELT: Memory & Symbol