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Conversations from the Collection – a Newcastle Art Gallery podcast

Hear inspiring and thought-provoking stories from renowned artists who have contributed to Newcastle Art Gallery’s iconic collection. This six-part summer listening series dives deep into the experiences behind the artists' work to explore how life informs art.

Season 2 launches on 10 January. Listen to new and past episodes here or on your favourite podcast listening app.

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Season 1

Find out more about Virginia Cuppaidge

Meet one of Australia's foremost abstract painters, traversing her formative time in New York, her relationship to Feminism, and her changing identity as an Australian artist who spent much of her career overseas.

Join nationally recognised printmaker and public art sculptor Brian Robinson, exploring what goes into the making of an Australian landmark, designing 'The Parade Track' for the Commonwealth Games in 2018, and the development of a distinct printmaking style.

Discover Kenji’s process within the studio, the two identities he navigates as a Japanese artist living in Australia, and the importance of long-term thinking to overcome failure when working with an unruly medium such as ceramics.

Visit the home of artist Joan Ross, whose vibrant and experimental practice tackles complex themes such as colonisation, capitalism and the environment. We discuss the challenges of working with new technologies and how she first came to use animation. 

Go behind the scenes with award-winning photographer Tamara Dean, who describes the lengths she will go to get each shot, including building an underwater studio in her backyard. 

Visit the gallery and studio of sculptor Hilarie Mais and dive into her extraordinary dedication to the modernist 'grid' and how she maintains this commitment to a singular focus.  

Meet artist Fayen d’Evie, whose lived experience of low vision helps her draw on blindness to understand the world and navigate uncertainty. We explore how we might begin to understand alien languages and the impact of nuclear power on deep time.