Ep 1 - Painting - Lottie Consalvo



In our first episode, we visit the home and studio of Newcastle-based artist Lottie Consalvo.

Lottie's practice explores our invisible worlds - the unknown and the intangible, often drawing on feelings such as desire, longing, and loss. Through her diverse practice, Lottie has continued to examine these ideas using painting, performance, video, and sculpture.

While elements of Lottie's work touch on difficult subject matter, she is also a romantic and joyful artist whose intentional and philosophical engagement with the world flows between her personal and professional life.

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If you could have dinner with any artist from Newcastle Art Gallery's collection, who would it be? Why?

You can view the work of Lottie's selected artist, Fiona Hall here.

To choose your own dinner guest, you can search artists from our collection here.


Newcastle Art Gallery holds one of the most significant publicly owned painting collections in Australia outside of the capital cities. From some of the first colonial depictions of the Australian landscape through to contemporary practice, it is possible to follow the rich stories of painting in Australia through the Gallery's collection.

Find out more about Newcastle Art Gallery's painting collection here.

Newcastle Art Gallery holds two works of art by Lottie Consalvo in our collection.

Lottie Consalvo, 'Talking with Mountains', 2020 (detail)
Lottie Consalvo, 'Talking with Mountains', 2020 (detail)
Lottie Consalvo, 'The Last Arborist', 2020 (still)
Lottie Consalvo, 'The Last Arborist', 2020 (still)