Ep 1 - Painting - Virginia Cuppaidge

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In our first episode, we speak with one of Australia's foremost abstract painters Virginia Cuppaidge.

This conversation traverses her time in New York, her relationship to Feminism, and her changing identity as an Australian artist who spent much of her career overseas.

In this episode, you will hear Virginia refer to three distinct series within her career - her 1970s Geometric series that used hard edge abstraction techniques, her 1980s Skyspace series where Virginia developed a new method for applying paint, and her 1990s series, Nature of Painting, that evolved with bright, bold colours.

In 2019, Newcastle Art Gallery presented the survey exhibition VIRGINIA CUPPAIDGE: the nature of abstraction. The exhibition marked Virginia's return to Australia and celebrated over four decades of the artist's career. You can view the exhibition and catalogue here.

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Newcastle Art Gallery holds one of the most significant publicly-owned painting collections in Australia outside of the capital cities. From some of the first colonial depictions of the Australian landscape through to contemporary practice, it is possible to follow the rich stories of painting in Australia through the Gallery's collection.

Find out more about Newcastle Art Gallery's painting collection here.

Newcastle Art Gallery holds five works of art by Virginia Cuppaidge in our collection.

Virginia CUPPAIDGE 'Saix' 1974
Virginia CUPPAIDGE 'Valoniah' 1979
Virginia CUPPAIDGE 'Center of the Beginning' 1988
Virginia CUPPAIDGE 'When Ships Come In' 1992
Virginia CUPPAIDGE 'Sunlight and Sea' 2000