Ep 2 - Prints & Drawings - Brian Robinson

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In our second episode, we speak with celebrated Torres Strait Islander artist and curator Brian Robinson.

Brian is nationally recognised for his distinctive printmaking practice and his iconic public art sculptures.

Throughout his career, Brian has carefully balanced his highly successful art making practice alongside his work as a curator developing some of the most important exhibitions of Torres Strait Islander material culture, including WARWAR: The Art of Torres Strait held at Newcastle Art Gallery in 2021.

This conversation explores some of the major milestones in Brian's career including creating an Australian landmark, designing 'The Parade Track' for the Commonwealth Games in 2018, and his development of a printmaking style that combines traditional cultural motifs and pop culture characters.

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If you could have dinner with any artist from Newcastle Art Gallery's collection, who would it be? Why?

You can view Brian's selected artist Rew Hanks' works of art here.

To select your own dinner guest, you can search artists from the collection here.


Newcastle Art Gallery's collection holds prints and drawings by some of Australia's most significant artists, dating from colonial to contemporary periods.

Historically significant works on paper from the colonial era include engravings by Richard Browne, and engravings and watercolour paintings of Newcastle by Joseph Lycett. Twentieth-century Australian printmaking and drawing are represented with major works by George Baldessin, Joy Hester, Bea Maddock, Margaret Preston and Jesse Traill, as well as contemporary works by Rew Hanks, Laurie Nona Senior, Mike Parr, and Alick Tipoti.

Reflecting the way contemporary printmaking has been invigorated by new digital technology, recent acquisitions have included new approaches to digital printing by artists such as Tim Maguire, alongside traditional forms of printmaking.

Find out more about Newcastle Art Gallery's Prints & Drawings collection here.

Newcastle Art Gallery holds five works of art by Brian Robinson in our collection.

Brian ROBINSON 'As the rains fell and the seas rose' 2012
Brian ROBINSON 'By virtue of this act, I hereby take possession of this land' 2017
Brian ROBINSON 'Moving with the rhythm of the stars' 2017
Brian ROBINSON 'Urban Oasis' 2017
Brian ROBINSON 'Bedhan Lag: Land of the Kaiwalagal' 2019