Venue and Safety Information

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This information is intended to assist visiting groups such as schools and community groups, (with participants under the age of 18) in planning a visit to Newcastle Art Gallery. The organisations and individuals who coordinate a group visit to the Gallery have a responsibility to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit and to be aware of the health and safety of all those in their care, if you have any specific questions or needs, please call the Gallery on 4974 5100 to discuss your needs with a member of the Audience Team.
Newcastle Art Gallery is a safe, public and accessible venue and we wish to ensure the enjoyment of all visitors. Teachers, supervisors and group coordinators attending the Gallery with a group are required to manage their group for the entirety of their visit. Group coordinators are responsible for ensuring that other staff or supervising adults are fully briefed on Gallery protocol prior to arrival.
Group coordinators and supervising adults should:
  • model and enforce respectful behaviour towards other visitors, including refraining from yelling or calling out in the Gallery.
  • model and enforce the safekeeping of works of art on display, this includes refraining from touching works of art on display unless informed otherwise,
  • be aware of specific behavioural or medical conditions of group members, and where applicable, discuss with Gallery staff,
  • ensure their group sensibly engages with the stairs, the lift and all public furniture
  • ensure that group members walk at all times whilst visiting the Gallery.
We strongly recommend that visiting groups arrange an appropriate number of supervising adults and remain with the group at all times. The minimum required adult to student ratio is as follows:
Kindergarten & Prep:  1 adult for every 5 children
Primary school:  1 adult for every 15 children
Secondary school:  1 adult for every 20 young people
First Aid
From Monday to Friday, Newcastle Art Gallery has a member of staff who is trained in basic first aid and is our First Aid Officer. There are two stocked first aid kits located in the Gallery and a defibrillator located at the Gallery's front desk. We ask that you inform Gallery staff should a first aid/medical situation arise during your visit. In the unlikely event of a major illness or injury, raise the alert with Gallery staff for assistance, and call 000 for New South Wales Ambulance Service. A supervisor from the group is required to remain with the sick/injured group member and complete an incident report.
Fire safety and emergency evacuation
Fully trained Emergency Wardens have the responsibility to direct visitors and staff in emergency situations at the Gallery. There is an Emergency Warden on Duty during Gallery open hours at all times, including after-hours events.
  • Visitors and staff are to follow the instructions of the Emergency Wardens in the event of an emergency.
  • The group leader/supervisor is responsible for directing their group members in accordance with the instructions given by the Emergency Warden.
  • Emergency alert tones and evacuation alarm systems are in place at Newcastle Art Gallery.
  • There are clearly marked emergency exit signs throughout the Gallery.
  • Do not use the lift during a fire emergency.
Working with art materials
Students and visitors who are engaging with art materials and basic tools, such as pencils or scissors are briefed on the task and correct and responsible use of all materials, tools and the environment in which they are to be used. Information is presented to visitors via written panels on the wall (for example, an art activity presented in Smart Space) written information on a handout, booklet or brochure (for example, a Children’s Art Trail) or in person by staff or volunteers.
  • All art materials for children’s programming (including Smart Space) are non-toxic,
  • all tools are well maintained and age appropriate.
General information
  • The Gallery is wheelchair accessible: accessible toilets are located on the ground floor,
  • suitable clothing and footwear should be worn during your visit, and options are limited on the Gallery grounds for external wet weather/protected areas for school groups to eat their lunches,
  • no food or drink can be consumed in the Gallery spaces,
  • the Gallery has limited storage facilities for bags
  • visiting groups must notify staff if bags will need to be brought into the Gallery and a baggage trolley can be arranged for your visit,
  • temperature and humidity levels within the Gallery are maintained at a controlled setting,
  • public telephones are located on King street near City Hall,
  • Newcastle Art Gallery has public liability insurance.
We look forward to welcoming you and we hope that you enjoy your visit.