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Newcastle Art Gallery has a collection of significant photography by some of Australia's pre-eminent photographers. These include artists such as Jane Burton, Destiny Deacon, Fiona Hall, Bill Henson, Rosemary Laing, Julie Rrap, Darren Siwes and Robyn Stacey.

The collection has been built over time to reflect the growing prominence of contemporary photography in Australia. Artists such as Bill Henson have also worked directly with the collection in recent years curating a boutique show for Newcastle including recently acquired works from the 1970s, an early, seminal period in Henson's career to more recent works by the artist. The Gallery has been consistently collecting photography over the past decade.

Destiny DEACON 'Oz series: Oz games' 1998/2003
Fiona HALL 'W/RITE' 1989
Bill HENSON 'Untitled' 1990‑91
Julie RRAP 'Persona and shadow: Madonna' 1984