Video & New Media

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New media and video art has become an increasingly popular medium for contemporary artists.  The attraction of the medium is driven by the immediacy of recording events, the ability to manipulate and reconfigure time and space, and the mass availability of cameras, phones and digital recorders.

Some highlights of the collection include Shaun Gladwell and TV Moore who explore the terrain and strange beauty of the 'out of hours' urban landscape and Tracey Moffatt’s Love 2003 is a passionate and challenging passage of a relationship in all its travails. Todd Fuller’s lyrical, animated drawing One and Only 2012 outlines the pathway of a relationship, to musical accompaniment by vocalist Abbey Smith, while Baden Pailthorpe presents an animation that makes us question the role of soldiers and war in modern day societies.

Tracey MOFFATT 'LOVE' (still) 2003
Baden PAILTHORPE 'Cadence III' (still) 2013
Paula DAWSON '​​​​​​​ANN' 2008
Daniel VON STURMER 'Screen test (sequence 1)' (still) 2004