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The Gallery's sculpture collection is diverse with celebrated artists such as Robert Klippel, Clement Meadmore, Margel Hinder, Akio Makigawa, Kathleen Shillam, Hossein Valamanesh, Rosalie Gascoigne, Fiona Hall and Patricia Piccinini. These three-dimensional works push the limits of materials, form, shape and architecture. Works in this collection are made from a diverse range of materials including marble, steel, spinifex grass, wood, ceramic, glass, feathers, engines and many other source materials.

The many sculptural works from the Newcastle Art Gallery collection explore and defy perceptions of material and push the boundaries of how materials are traditionally used in the making of sculpture and what they can become. Through artists’ use of diverse materials, the works defy the properties of their origin. From the static form of Carrara marble used by Sydney based artist Alex Seton's, which seem to transform materials and reality, to Patricia Piccinini's human-fusion sculptures.

Hany ARMANIOUS 'Untitled snake oil' 1998
Linde IVIMEY 'St Emmeranus' 2006
Auguste RODIN 'Desinvolture [casualness]' n.d.
Kate ROHDE 'Live forever No. 3' 2010