BONUS EPISODE: Fayen d'Evie at Newcastle Writers Festival

In honour of International Day of People with a Disability, we are delighted to release a bonus podcast episode featuring artist Fayen d'Evie.

Fayen d'Evie is an artist with lived experience of low vision who creates installations, publications, and performances. She draws on blindness as a way of understanding the world and navigating uncertainty. She also works closely with arts organisations to improve access and embed disability-led practice.

Recorded live at the Newcastle Writers Festival earlier this year, you will hear Fayen in dialogue with Newcastle Art Gallery Curatorial Lead Peter Johnson - engaging in a conversational strategy Fayen terms 'blundering'.This experiment will take listeners across vast and varied topics including how we might begin to decentre sight within the arts, all the way to how we might understand alien languages and the impact of nuclear power on deep time, and even touching on the indecipherable language of the ancient Minoans.

To view and download Fayen's slideshow, click here.

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Image: Artist Fayen d'Evie in conversation with Newcastle Art Gallery Curatorial Lead Peter Johnson, Newcastle Writers Festival, 2023. Photographer: Joshua Hogan