Ep 2 - Prints and Drawings - Jemima Wyman

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In our second episode, we speak with palawa artist Jemima Wyman, who lives and works between Brisbane and Los Angeles.

For the past 15 years, Jemima has collected images of protests from around the globe to use in her intricate collages.

Jemima is interested in camouflage and how it is strategically used by resistance movements. Patterns and masking are repeating motifs in her artmaking, and through this work she makes visible the shared visual language of public demonstration.

Jemima's layered hand-cut collages contain thousands of images from her ever-expanding archive. She extensively documents the source, date, and location of each image. This data then forms the titles of her works of art. Reading like a history of protest, her longest title to date reaches over 13,000 words.

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If you could have dinner with any artist from Newcastle Art Gallery's collection, who would it be? Why?

You can view the work of Jemima's selected artist, Emily Kame Kngwarreye here.

To choose your own dinner guest, you can search artists from our collection here.


Newcastle Art Gallery's collection holds prints and drawings by some of Australia's most significant artists, dating from the early colonial period to the present day.

Historically significant works on paper include depictions of Newcastle and the Hunter region from the colonial era, such as engravings and watercolour paintings by Joseph Lycett. The Gallery's collection of 20th century Australian prints and drawing includes major works by George Baldessin, Joy Hester, and Margaret Preston.

Recent and contemporary printmaking, reflecting the use of both digital and traditional methods, is represented through works by artists including Cressida Campbell, Brian Robinson, and Jemima Wyman.

Find out more about Newcastle Art Gallery's Prints & Drawings collection here.

Newcastle Art Gallery holds one work by Jemima Wyman in our collection.

Jemima Wyman, 'Mass Monument (Yellow and Black)', 2018