Ep 4 - Video - Tina Havelock Stevens

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Fusing her experience as a documentary filmmaker and post-punk drummer, Tina Havelock Stevens has established herself as an exciting figure in contemporary Australian video and performance art.

Tina has travelled across the world to create video documented performances that feature her drumming within monumental and historically charged sites. Over the past decade, Tina has drummed at an abandoned industrial site in Detroit, in the vast landscapes of the West Texan desert, fully submerged in the Derwent River in Hobart and even on Newcastle's very own Breakwater — the resulting video work now within Newcastle Art Gallery's collection.

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If you could have dinner with any artist from Newcastle Art Gallery's collection, who would it be? Why?

You can view Tina's selected artist Roy De Maistre's work here.

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Artists have always been at the forefront of technological innovation, exploring the possibilities for personal and artistic expression through new and emerging mediums. Works of art involving video and digital technologies are a central pillar of artistic practice from the mid-20th century through to the current day, and represent an important part of the Newcastle Art Gallery collection.

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Newcastle Art Gallery holds one work of art by Tina Havelock Stevens in our collection.

Tina Havelock Stevens, 'The Breakwater', 2018